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We are developing diverse BIPV products through our own preceding research and design. BIPV technology is the important technology for zero energy building and the head office is performing constant R&D in relation to that. Particularly, it is specialized for the products having excellent diversity, aesthetics, constructability, durability, wind resistance, shock-resistance and efficiency, and the research, development, design and construction of structure to construct them


  • 2018 Participated in building exterior wall BIPV integrate solution system development
  • 2019 Selected for project of leading technology development responding to 4th industrial revolution in Chungcheongbuk-do
    (“Developing a new polycar photovoltaic generation module that secures flexibility, toughness, and high temperature”)
  • 2019 Performed research of practical problem research team at Hanbat National University (Industry mentor)
    (“Development of building integrated photovoltaic power generation module with lightweight and price competitiveness” - selected as excellent paper in “AFORE2019” International Academic Conference)
  • 2019 Development of lightweight module applicable to lightweight roof (Material supply and technology consulting)
  • 2020 Development of steel sheet integrated photovoltaic module (Material supply and technology consulting)
  • 2021 Participated in development of building type photovoltaic core material secured with long-term reliability (more than 25 years) and safety
  • 2022 Development of self-cleaning transparent coating varnish material and process technology for energy module