Building Itself
Generates Electricity

Best Solution for
Building carbon reduction
Anything look ugly on the exterior wall of building, which corresponds to the human face of human, should not be attached. Because it is shunned in the market.

BiPV Korea is growing up with the continuous R&D and the sense of responsibility in BIPV business under the slogan Building itself generates its own electricity and is developing in securing global market such as partnership agreement with domestic and overseas BIPV-related industry- academic- institute cooperation together with leap to the enterprise specialized in BIPV.

In addition, we will step forward in order to become a leader of BIPV companies through the development of diverse materials and designs that can be harmonized with the beautiful building having carbon-free eco-friendly energy through BIPV, new paradigm of renewable energy, together with BIPV global partners.

Company Status

Business career 12 years
Founded July 17, 2012
Kim Chul-Ho
Business area
New renewable energy, Door & windows construction business, BIPV
76 Yeongudanji-ro, Ochang-eup, Cheongwon-gu, Cheongju-si, Chungchengbuk-do, South Korea