Agricultural solar power

As an agriculture solar power (crop cultivation + photovoltaic power generation), this is the project that utilizes the surplus photosynthesis solar energy of the crop as photovoltaic power generation energy maintaining the function of the land without soil loss and changing the form and quality through performing the power generation and crop cultivation at the same time by applying PV technology to agricultural crop cultivation.

It is the agricultural photovoltaic system for the improvement of agricultural household income and agricultural productivity and it can be leaded to the improvement of the agricultural household income by the rural revitalization

Solar Power
Principle of
Power Generation

Amount of Sunshine 100%
  • Upper part
    power generation
    Amount of Sunshine 30%

    Install photovoltaic power generation facility at upper part of the existing agricultural land

  • Lower part
    Amount of Sunshine 70%

    Method of cultivating crops at the lower part of the land such as rice, etc. Form of generating photovoltaic power generation at the same time based on the light saturation point required for raise of plant

Benefit and Advantage of
Agricultural Solar Power

  • Relaxation of electric system permit

    For agricultural photovoltaic project less than 1 MW, unlimited access to the electric system is permitted

  • Reduction of Construction Cost and Period

    Construction cost of individual connection facility of 100KW is reduced 27% and the system reinforcement period for unlimited access is reduced (5 months > 3 months)

  • Relaxation of

    Since the photovoltaic facility cannot be installed directly within agricultural development land, it is performed by changing the land to miscellaneous land, but as the bill is under proposal, “the temporary use off the agricultural photovoltaic power for other use” is permitted later

  • No agricultural land conservation charge

    No agricultural land conservation charge
    No individual action charge

  • Environmental Conservation

    No concern for damaging the forest
    Less concern for civil complaints

Solar Power
Installation Cases